February 13, 2014

02.12.14 - Subway Spotlight: @the_J_train_8

A pilot program for opening up the airwaves to some of our faithful listeners and subway alum bretheren.  This conversation focuses on the Notre Dame defense as they move into 2014 under Brian VanGorder

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February 02, 2014

02.02.14 - TJ 2 Smoove

We reflect on our expectations for TJ, set back in August 2013, and the 2013 production which followed as compared to other notable Notre Dame receivers like Michael Floyd, Golden Tate, Maurice Stovall, and Jeff Samardzija

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January 21, 2014

01.21.14 - Cap'n Jack & Click Clack

Cap'n Jack Swarbuckles nails down an epic deal with Under Armour.  Instant reaction from KSF and THE Subway Domer

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January 17, 2014

01.17.14 - Return of THE Subway Domer (EXCLUSIVE)

Your boi KSF gets THE Subway Domer on the 1s & 2s to discuss his triumphant return to the Notre Dame bloggosphere.  #BlogWar2.0

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January 13, 2014

01.13.14 - Brian VanGorder Freestyle

A solo freestyle from KSF on the VanGorder hire and the possible implications for the defense and specifically the development of the Notre Dame linebacking corps.

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January 12, 2014

01.12.14 - THEY GONE

George Atkinson JR talking smack about Brian Kelly, and our takes from early 2014 on the Notre Dame football player losses, specifically declarations for the NFL and an academic suspension

November 11, 2011

Tall Tales: The Words to Rocky Top

Late in the year 2005, a band of men set out upon a historic journey. To celebrate the end of one man's betrothal, the group found themselves among the sandy plains of northern Indiana. Their purpose was simple. To eat and drink in excess. To gamble more than a day's wage no matter the consequence. To kill wild game with spears sharpened using only stones. To pilgrimage to Mecca at the following dawn, and observe their beloved Irish as they slaughtered an orange sea of Volunteers. Later in life, these men would become respected professionals. Some became fathers. Some were never heard from again. A few even started this very website. But for that brief time, they were all together. They were kings.

Little did these men know that they were about to bear witness to perhaps the most famous words that were spoken in all of human history. There was no way for them to prepare for this landmark moment, as they were enveloped in their own revelry. The men had awoken that fateful morn, feeling the joyous pains that only a night filled with shenanigans could provide. Also some tomfoolery. Monkey business, even. But no high jinks. After all, these were respected men. As the men began to stir and slowly move about, one man left the group. For this man, who would become the lone witness to the most pivotal of moments, had left his shower stuff in the car in the parking garage and hotel soaps routinely gave him uncomfortable rashes. The man walked to elevator.


This man, barely able to stand from the night of buffoonery, the night of carrying-on, balanced himself against the side of the elevator. Trembling with sickness and regret, the lowering motion of the elevator had nearly been the coup de grace. He had hardly noticed the quiet woman standing in the back of the elevator, looking at him as a dog would turn his head to the sound of a kazoo. Just as she was about to offer the man help...


In walks a man who stood nearly 6 feet 7 inches tall. Along with his aging wife, they are both clad in the armor of the enemy. Head to toe, they are dressed in bright orange and denim. The man wears a denim vest over an orange shirt, and a 10 gallon cowboy hat. He has pointed white cowboy boots. The woman wears a UT broach nearly the size of a domesticated house cat.

It was then that the feeble woman in the back of the elevator unknowingly prompted the most famous of all exchanges. She meekly offered her small talk...

"You must be going to the game."

The man immediately stiffened his back. Clicked one heel down on the ground and spun 180 degrees to face the woman. This humble author was frozen in fear and awe of the man's deceiving quickness. So much denim. He replied in a sharp, but genial tone. Enough to seem polite, not enough to be trusted implicitly.

"That is right ma'am."

The woman's verbal volley had been returned with the brute force of a mountain man! The author cowered in fear. But the woman did not turn away.

"Well...have a good time."

This was no ordinary woman! More like an elevator-riding David who had just slung her pleasantry out of a biblical slingshot at the hill-dwelling Goliath! But unlike the most famous of upsets, this match was won by the brute. He nodded his acknowledgement of her friendliness, and leveled her with a question that would go down in history. A question that would be remembered through generations of tradition. A question that heretofore has never been put down in written form. But the legend has lived. It must be preserved. The man bent slightly and asked the woman in full southern accent and distinction:

"Do you know the words to RRRRRRRRRocky Top?"

The woman was paralyzed. The author floated above his own body, looking down on what had transpired. The man's wife unknowingly checked her lipstick in the mirrored elevator door. With a voice as meager as a mouse, the woman turned her head away.


The man shrugged with a smug chuckle. He turned back to his wife, never more proud to be general of the orange army.


It was minutes before the author snapped back to reality. The woman had already gone. The elevator was empty. The author knew he had witnessed the most insane exchange in the history of elevator small talk. The moment was epic. The moment defied explanation. The moment could not be lost. So it was written. So it happened.

Consider yourself lucky to know the legend. For now you will know what to do the next time someone asks, "Pardon me, do you know the words to RRRRRRocky Top?"

Notre Dame destroyed Tennessee, 41-21.